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The Dilaudid Counter

Hydromorphone, also known as Dilaudid, is a narcotic analgesic which functions as a short-term pain reliever most commonly for post-surgery requirements. It is also used to treat and manage other types of moderate and severe pain. Dilaudid is the common market name for hydromorphone. It is highly regarded as one of the most effective and addictive pain relievers on the market today. It is a semi-synthetic derivative of morphine that is usually in the form of an oral or injectable liquid, tablet or rectal suppository. Doctors usually prescribe it for administering moderate to severe pain and for suppressing coughs.

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The Use of Dilaudid

Dilaudid is being used all over the world for its effectiveness as a short term pain reliever. It is known to treat all kinds of pain including pains usually experienced after surgery. However, it is not typically recommended for chronic pain treatment.

Methods of Intake

Dilaudid may be taken as an epidural, a pill or it could be given through IV in hospitals. In outside-the-hospital settings, it is often prescribed in pill form or in liquid form.

How Long Does Dilaudid Stay In One’s System?

The average duration of the stay of Dilaudid  in one’s system  after intake is approximately 72 hours. The effects of Dilaudid on the other hand are supposed to wear off after 6-12 hours immediately after intake.

Dilaudid Addiction

Dilaudid, as any other available drug on the market today, has addictive properties which can trigger addiction for people who took it for pain treatments and for other medicinal purposes. It has a high potential for abuse and for psychological and physiologically affecting one’s life. The abuse of Dilaudid can then inevitably lead to addiction which usually occurs without warning. One must be cautious in dealing with the intake of Dilaudid if it’s going to be used for a long time in order to avoid addiction. The abuse of drugs like Dilaudid can lead to many consequences that you may regret experiencing in the long run. One of the most famous methods in treating Dilaudid addiction is the Waisman Method. It has successfully helped a large number of Dilaudid dependents in the last ten years and it is being continually used by many.

Some Warnings Regarding Dilaudid

  • Dilaudid has a high risk for abuse that can eventually lead to addiction.
  • Dilaudid overdose can have negative effects on the respiratory system. Its overdose can potentially lead to the complete shutdown of the respiratory system.
  • Dilaudid can cause unwanted side effects on pregnancy as it can harm the fetus.
  • Dilaudid is not advised for breast-feeding women as it can be passed from the woman to the child through breast-feeding.
  • The elderly is often associated with sensitivity to Dilaudid.