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Causes of Dilaudid Addiction

Getting in a bout against Dilaudid addiction is not an easy task, especially for people who are already experiencing deep addiction with the drug. For you to better fight off your Dilaudid addiction, it is helpful to know the main causes so that you would be armed with information about what caused your addiction to the drug and so that you would be able to find ways on how to stop being addicted to it; either by your own efforts or with the help of an institution.

The Causes of Dilaudid Addiction

Dilaudid addiction is a real thing that is happening in the world today, just like any other drug or substance abuse problems. It should be taken very seriously as it requires special attention in order for it to be treated successfully.

Here are the main causes of Dilaudid addiction:

People’s Experimentation with Dilaudid

People are always struck by their curiosity so it’s not a rare thing for someone to stumble into drugs. People have a lot of ways to get access to Dilaudid with the drug being legally distributed on the market. People play with drugs for many different reasons. Some people try drugs out of curiosity while some people just wanted to cope up with their friends who are doing it. The most common reason is to ease another problem such as stress, anxiety or depression.

The Availability of Dilaudid

Another reason for Dilaudid addiction is the availability of the drug. People are forced to use Dilaudid instead of Morphine or Heroin because the other two are not marketed legally. The risk for Dilaudid addiction comes from the necessity among patients who are prescribed with any opioid medication.The drug becomes available to drug users in many occurrences. Here are some of the occurrences:

  1. When patients trade their prescriptions in exchange for money;
  2. When drug users conduct  robberies;
  3. When drug users rob pharmacies and drug stores. Some of the most common street names for Hydromorphone are D, dilly, dill, k4, k3, k2, k1, Big D, Super 8, M-80, hospital Heroin, Shake & Bake and Peaches;

Dependency on Dilaudid

Although dependency and addiction is independent of each other, dependency on the drug is still a common cause for most drug addiction cases. Dilaudid is known for treating pain on the spot. When someone takes the drug for a long time, his body may adjust its chemistry and it becomes accustomed for having certain levels of the drug in his body. A person can be dependent on Dilaudid by only taking it in for a week or by taking the drug at a higher dose.