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Dilaudid Addiction – General Information

Hydromorphone  addiction has been a common problem among individuals since it was first marketed in the 1920s. It was invented in Germany on 1924 and was introduced to the general market under the drug name Dilaudid. Every country in the world has it listed in their records in almost the same manner.

Its abuse nowadays is almost common among painkiller addicts and other individuals who first encountered the drug via prescription for pain relief. Putting an end to Dilaudid addiction is not an easy task but is very workable especially when the willingness and the desire to escape the addiction are present.

Being the derivative of Morphine, Dilaudid is known to be ten times more powerful than the former. It was manufactured and legally distributed on the market to act as a substitute for Heroin.  Dilaudid  has a very high potential for addiction and patients could succumb to the addiction very quickly and may develop complete tolerance for the drug during the later stages of addiction.