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Dilaudid: Legal Status

The use of Dilaudid has different legal statuses all over the world. In the United States, Dilaudid is under the category of Schedule II narcotics meaning it is considered a drug which has a high potential for abuse but is accepted for medical use under certain circumstances or restrictions. It falls under the same category as morphine, oxymorphone and many otheropioids.

Dilaudid is treated the same in Europe albeit under a different classification name. It is classified as a Schedule I narcotic based on the drug classification chart of the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs in most European countries, Therefore meaning it is a drug with strong addictive properties, but is considered a legitimate drug for medicinal purpose and hospital use.

Canada also classifies Dilaudid as  a Schedule I narcotic. The drug is controlled in almost the same way in the United States but the consequences attached to the misuse of the drug and the violations of policies related to the use of the drug are less severe compared to the consequences in the United States. Every province in Canada has a  different set of laws in response to violations related to the abuse of Dilaudid but all of the provinces are under the same federal law.

The United Kingdom follows its own classification rules with drugs and it classifies Dilaudid as a Class A substance which means the strictest conditions apply to the use of Dilaudid in the United Kingdom. It is grouped with drugs such as Cocaine, Heroine, Methamphetamine and Crack. If one is caught with the supply or possession of Dilaudid and is found guilty via the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971, he may be face at least 6 months of imprisonment and a lifetime imprisonment sentence at the maximum depending on the gravity of violation.