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Dilaudid vs. Morphine

Dilaudid and Morphine are two drugs which are known for their pain relief capabilities as well as for their prominence among drug addicts. They are being used all over the world in hospital setting and outside-the-hospital settings. Here are some comparisons of the two drugs based on several factors.


Dilaudid is 3 to 4 times stronger than Morphine. However, Morphine is first administered for pain relief more often than Dilaudid despite being stronger than Morphine. This is to gauge if a stronger drug like Dilaudid would be actually needed to treat the pain. Dilaudid is also known for having less side effects than Morphine albeit Morphine’s side effects are just as equally disruptive and serious. Dilaudid is also more soluble and works quicker than Morphine, two of the many reasons why it is preferred over Morphine in major surgeries. Finally, Dilaudid is thought of as the lesser addictive drug between the two.

Side Effects

Most of the side effects of these two drugs are mostly similar in nature but there could a few major differences as well. Dilaudid and Morphine are very addictive drugs which are often compared with heroine, alcohol and opium in terms of the strength of their addictive properties. According to a number of studies, Morphine is at least as strong as heroine and is stronger than alcohol and opium. Dilaudid on the other hand is at least on the same level with Morphine as it also causes the same level of effects of euphoria to the affected individual when it is taken  in a larger amount than what is initially prescribed.