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Hiking Essentials

July 15th, 2012 | Posted by kuwaitla_admin in Dilaudid Addiction

Luggage and Bags

A luggage is required for you if you’re going to spend a night or two in Sedona. If you’re just in for a a day and you’re not planning to go overnight, a backpack and a bunch of refreshments will be good.

Clothing / Shoes / Weather Gear

Comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes are a must in hiking trip you’re going to have. Also consider bringing a jacket if the weather requires you to. It can get at night and during early mornings in Sedona even during Spring time.

Toiletries and Medical Supplies

If you do not want your skin to get burned by the sun, bring sunscreen. Sedona has one of the hottest weathers in the entire region of Arizona especially during the summer. Bring an SPF that is suited to your skin color.

Photo Equipment

 Bring tons of films. As for me, I had a 10 MG for my coolpix camera. If you are a photographer, this is a great place to take great pictures. I wish I am a photographer that time I went to Sedona because there are so many beautiful things to shoot.

Camping / Beach / Outdoor Gear

 Camping are regulated in Sedona. Make sure to get a pass first before you think of camping. Your outdoor wear should depend on the time you are going there.


 I brought some icebox for my children because we were on a budget travel. I packed some snacks and some bottled water. That save me a lot of money.

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