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Rehabilitation Centers – Canada

Clear Haven Center

Location: 1601 Rochon Road – Chertsey, QC
Phone Number: 1-877-465-8080
Website: www.clearhavencenter.com

The Orchard Recovery and Addiction Treatment Center

Location: 811 Grafton Road Bowen Island, BC  V0N 1G2
Phone Number: 1-866-233-2299 or (604) 947-0420
Fax: (604) 947-0412
Email: info3@orchardrecovery.com
Website: orchardrecovery.com

The Pickerel Lake Recovery Treatment Center

Location: Muskoka, ON
Phone Number: 705-382-2193
Fax: 705-382-6973
Toll-Free: 1-877-966-6887
Executive Director: john@pickerellakerecovery.com
Program Director: info@pickerellakerecovery.com
Facility Manager: dylan@pickerellakerecovery.com
Intervention info & request: info@pickerellakerecovery.com
Website: www.pickerellakerecovery.com

Cedars at Cobble Hill

Location: 3741 Holland Ave, Cobble Hill, BC, V0R 1L0
Phone Number:  1-866-716-2006
Email: info@cedarscobblehill.com
Website: www.cedarscobblehill.com